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Network Simulator and Designer  v.1.0

A network simulator: different routers are connected to form a network and the routers can then be configured using the IOS simulator provided. Ideal for students preparing for CCNA/CCNP exams and who require a free/open source router simulator.

Interactive Neural Network Simulator  v.1.0

iSNS is an interactive neural network simulator written in Java/Java3D. The program is intended to be used in lessons of Neural Networks. The program was developed by students as the software project at Charles University in

Wireless Network Simulator in Matlab  v.b.0.5

A simple but complete mobile wireless network simulator based on

Yans - Yet Another Network Simulator  v.32

Yans is a extensible, mixed-level, Monte-Carlo Method based, discrete event network simulator. Yans is divided into interacting layers, namely: core, topology, nodes, monitors; and is driven by a config-file that describes the setup of the

Spiking Neuronal Network Simulator  v.1.0

The Spiking Neuronal Network Simulator (SpiNNSim) will be an Open Source software library for creating computational neuroscience applications in the Java programming language. The framework will support animation and concurrency.

Rohan neural network simulator  v.1.0

Rohan is a CUDA-accelerated, multi-valued neural network simulator written in Visual C/C++ for 32- and 64-bit Windows.

DCCP for Network Simulator  v.1.0

Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) for Network Simulator.

AWNetS-Aibear Wireless Network Simulator  v.1.0

AWNetS(Aibear Wireless Network Simulator)is a C++ written,fire-new discrete-event wireless network simulator which integrates network and communication simulations.It also focuses on various kinds of wireless networks including satellite and HAP.

Tezeract Neural Network Simulator  v.1.0

An Open Source neural network simulator prototype. The version hosted here supports only MLPs using backpropagation. The prototype has a simple Python support and an OpenGL visualizer. Network inputs are hardcoded.

Metropolitan Ad hoc Network Simulator  v.1.0

Madhoc is a metropolitan mobile ad hoc network simulator. It allows the simulation of large networks and features realistic models for node mobility and propagation of radio waves. Note that Madhoc focus on the highest network layers.

SC3 - Wireless Sensor Network Simulator  v.1.0

This project aims to design a simulator which would allow to get a glimpse of power consumption of a WSN before actually deploying the network. The project consists of two parts: 1. Signal Propagation Model2. Communication Model (Protocol)

Bluetooth ad-hoc network simulator  v.rc

BlueHoc is an open source Bluetooth technology simulator. It simulates the basebandand link layers of the Bluetooth

Ip/Tcp/Digital Network Simulator  v.1.0

A VUB ( -student project to simulate an ip/tcp and digital network. The project has ended for this year, files will be released in febr 2004. In october, a new group of students will continue to work on this

Network Simulator  v.1.0

Network simulation for OSI layers in order to study computer network

Dynamic Bayesian Network Simulator  v.1.0

A simulator for learning techniques for dynamic bayesian networks.

Coevolving Network Simulator  v.0.9beta

This project is based on a personal effort for researches on dynamics of coevovling networks. As a physicist, I am trying to build a framework for discrete-time dynamics of general networks, and its software libraries with

Cisco Switch Simulator  v.1.0

Switch Network Simulator provides a virtual lab environment

Network Simulation Creator and Animator  v.0.1

The goal of this project is to be an improvement of the original Network Animator (NAM) module provided as part of the Network Simulator 2 (NS2). This tool provides topology visualization, TCL script generation, and enhanced simulation

Simulator Virtual Net for Web 2.0  v.

The program Virtual Network Simulator for Web 2.0 is a tool that allows the simulation of assembly and configuration of computer network projects, virtual or physical. It also simulate the sending of a package between the hots of origin and destinati

Wireless IP Simulator  v.1.0

WIPsim (Wireless IP Simulator) is a network simulator for all layers of the OSI model. The current version is focussed on dealing with IPv6. The simulator was started to investigate wireless (data) networks and mobility.

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